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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Original Volumes with Rare Books on Dr. Ambedkar, Caste Issues, Buddhism, Indian Freedom Struggle and Contemporary Dalit Writings

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Free with this pack: 10 pens of Dr. Ambedkar.
1 Table-top Dr. Ambedkar’s Photo stand with a diamond-like stone border.
2 Cotton T-shirts of Dr. Ambedkar (XL Size).
2 Blue Jai Bhim caps
1 Flag of Dr. Ambedkar
1 Panchsheel Flag
1 Big Size 2020 Calendar of Dr. Ambedkar
1 Bike flag of Dr. Ambedkar
1 Panchsheel Bike Flag
2 Lockets of Dr. Ambedkar
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What is ‘Rare Book’?
In this category falls the books published in the past 30 years. Many such books are out of publication and are rare to find. These books were once popular among a generation of Ambedkarites and national leaders. They are preserved for years to reach the reader. Few books have dry yellow pages, but it is readable and a treasure to preserve for scholars, students, and publishers. Otherwise, books are in good condition. The price for these books has been revised to add the price for preservation for many years and to match the present pricing. You are not a customer for us, but a patron for such literature and to keep the light of Dr. Ambedkar ji and other scholars glow for generations to come.

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This Set Contains total 70 books with free gift items:
1. Volume 1-17 Published by Central Govt. of India (Total 20 Hardbound Books)
2.  Books on Dr. Ambedkar, Caste Issues, Buddhism, Indian Freedom Struggle (Total 29 Books)
3. Contemporary Dalit Writings (21 Books).

21 Books include:
1. A Republic of Caste
2. Riddles in Hinduism – By Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. The Annotated Critical Selection With an introduction by Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd
3. 13 Years: A Naxalite’s Prison Diary ₹
4. Ambedkar and Other Immortals: An Untouchable Research Programme
5. Ambedkar: The Attendant Details
6. Ambedkar’s World
7. Annihilation of Caste – The Annotated Critical Edition – Written by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar with an Introduction,‘The Doctor and the Saint’ by Arundhati Roy.
8. Aryans, Jews, Brahmins
9. Bhimayana Experiences of Untouchability (for kids)
10. Dispersed Radiance – Caste, Gender, and Modern Science in India
11. In Pursuit of Ambedkar – A Memoir (with Free DVD of Documentary Film on Bhagwan Das)
12. Religious Rebels in the Punjab – The Ad Dharm Challenge to Caste
13. The Exercise of Freedom – An Introduction to Dalit Writing
14. The Myth of the Holy Cow
15. The Persistence of Caste
16. The South African Gandhi
17. The Strength of Our Wrists – Three Plays On Caste
18. We Don’t Want Caste
19. The Way I See IT
20. Against the Madness of Manu
21. A Current of Blood

RARE BOOKS on Dr. Ambedkar ji, Caste, Buddhism and Indian Freedom Struggle (Banned Patriotic Literature)

1 Sure Route to Health, Wealth and Happiness Dr. S. L. Dhani 1000
2 Congress Literature A. L. Rawal 249
3 The Founders of Indus Valley Civilization and Their Later History, Volume 1 Dr. Naval Viyogi 349
4 Ambedkar the Great D.  C. Ahir 299
5 Buddhism in India after Dr. BR Ambedkar (1956-2002 D. C. Ahir 199
6 B.R. Ambedkar Unique and Versatile D. R. Jatav 220
7 Dhamma as told by Dr. Ambedkar D. C. Ahir 249
8 Ethnology and Caste H. H. Risley (Herbert Hope Risley) 99
9 Understanding Bihar Dr. A.K. Biswas 499
10 The Native Indian in Search of Identity R.C. Jiloha 499
11 Annihilation of Caste Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 199
12 History of Untouchables Bonigala Ramrao 399
13 Thoughts on Pakistan (First Edition of 1941) Dr. B. R. Ambedkar 699
14 The Native Culture of India The Wonder That Was Dr. Naval Viyogi 199
15 Father of The Constitution of India Swapan Kumar Biswas 599
16 India Under British Rule A.L. Rawal 179
17 Sardar Bhagat Sing – A Short Life Sketc (Biography) Jitendra Nath Sanyal 149
18 A Study of Caste P. Lakshmi Narsu 199
19 A Phase of the Indian Struggle Syama Prasad Mukharjee 149
20 Dhammapada – An Anthology of the Sayings of the Buddha Ven. A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera 149
21 War Literature A.L. Rawal 199
23 Bande Mataram (Vande Matram) Hari Raghunath Bhagvat 199
24 History of Hindu Imperialism Swami Dharma Theertha 349
25 The Decline and Fall of Buddhism in India Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Rahul Sankratayan 49
26 Supreme Court on Reservation (1950-2000) Dr. Oneil Biswas 199
26 The Unsung Martyrs of 1857 Dr. A. K Biswas 39
28 Dalits After Partition Dr. Oneil Biswas