B.R. Ambedkar Unique and Versatile by D. R. Jatav – 22 Years Old Rare Book collection

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The present book unfolds the multifarious aspects of Ambedkar’s life as he was both unique and versatile. He developed in himself a vast array of qualities : scholarship, erudition, logic, creativity, reason, eloquence and elegance. in him wisdom, spirit of rationalism and social revolt, contempt for injustice, inequality and superstitions, passion for humanism, justice and judiciousness, were harmoniously blended

in right proportions. In fact, he was a unique genius of his times.

Ambedkar has a versatile personality as he was also a serious scholar,devoted leader, committed writer, distinguished educationist, social rebel, powerful debate, able administrator, liberal emancipator,

authoritative constitutionalist, master statesman, daring liberator of the downtrodden masses and a fearless fighter for human rights.

The book, therefore, presents not only an interesting reading, but also elucidates the meaning, worth and purpose of human life, as was illustrated in Ambedkar’s life and literature.



About the Author


An eminent educationist with a brilliant acadevajo cart MA (Ph., Pol. Sc.), LL. B, Ph.D. and D. Litt., D.R. Jatava (b. 1933),

has by now attained prominence as an author as well as a litterateur social activist. AS authority on the Ambedkar Ideology and Movement, Dr Jatava has the distinction of being the first PH. D. (1963) holder on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.


A prolific und versatile writer, Dr. Jatava has several research papers to his credit, besides more than 26 books both in Hindi and English.His major works are–Social Philosophy of Ambedkar, Political Philosophy of Ambedkar, Social Justice in India, Social Systems of India, Indian Society and Ideology, Social and Humanist Thinkers,


Indian Politics and Democracy, Ambedkar’s Philosophy of Religion, Dr. Ambedkar’s Role in National Movement, Philosophies of Buddha and Marx, The Critics of Dr. Ambedkar, B.R. Ambedkar : Study in Society and Politics, Philosophy of B.R. Ambedkar, The Humanism of Buddha and in Quest of Dr. Ambedkar (an autobiography). His works have been distinguished because of the painstaking research that has gone into then and also because his approach has an ideological insight and humanistic spirit in the analysis of each and every subject.

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In this category falls the books published in the past 30 years. Many of such books are out of publication and are rare to find. These books were once popular among a generation of Ambedkarites and national leaders. They are preserved for years to reach the reader. Few books have dry yellow pages, but it is readable and a treasure to preserve for scholars, students, publishers and archives. Otherwise, books are in good condition. The price for these books have been revised to add the price for preservation for many years and to match the present pricing. You are not a customer for us, but a patron for such literature and to keep the torch of Dr. Ambedkar ji and other scholars glow and to pass on the knowledge for generations to come.


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