Ethnology and Caste – A Rare Book by The Anthropologist Who Created List of Scheduled Castes

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Author H. H. Risly
Language English
Cover Paperback

The question that whether Aryans come from outside or they were aboriginals is a question that has perplexed the student oh history. This book written by British ethnographer and colonial administrator, Herbert Hope Risley (4 January 1851 – 30 September 1911) traces the caste system of India through the British eye.

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In this category falls the books published in the past 30 years. Many of such books are out of publication and are rare to find. These books were once popular among a generation of Ambedkarites and national leaders. They are preserved for years to reach the reader. Few books have dry yellow pages, but it is readable and a treasure to preserve for scholars, students, publishers and archives. Otherwise, books are in good condition. The price for these books have been revised to add the price for preservation for many years and to match the present pricing. You are not a customer for us, but a patron for such literature and to keep the torch of Dr. Ambedkar ji and other scholars glow and to pass on the knowledge for generations to come.

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