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Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, a book that inspired Dr. Ambedkar to write his thesis on political economy

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“All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind”. – Adam Smith

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This book is the most engaging book I have found so far. A salute to the writer who has produced such a wonderful work on economics. Economics is not just as a subject of academics, but a factor that effects our daily lives, trades, wars, villages, cities, nation, currency, banking, labour, inflation, present time, history and future. The book gives solution to many of our queries on poverty, government spending, international and inland trade, how cities developed, the role of currency and many more. Written over 250 years ago, this 1100 pages book is a master work. It gives answers to our problems today. It is also relevant for the future. Everyone must read it. Many people just watch video on it. But that’s not enough. Not audio book, read and you will find yourself in the world of economic structuring of our world today. You pay a lot for electronics and watch movies or videos. But reading a book, and reading this book is a lifetime experience. It is more than doing doctorate in economics. If you read this you can use you knowledge for solving not only your personal economics problems but can guide the community. So read this, pay tribute to the author who had such a passion to write so many pages and with so much research in the times with no electricity, phones, internet, rails, motor transports. He wrote at that time, but can you read it with all comforts and free time now? Just spend on this intellectual work and invest your time in reading it. When I started reading this book, I had no idea where it would take me. I remember Dr. Ambedkar gave its refrence in some of his work. Recently I came to know about this from another old book on the French revolution. The more I read the more I as astonishes by the passion for research by Adam Smith. No doubt that why this book is called as as master work by the author of the book on the French revolution. There is nothing that is left on economics in this book. Such a meticulous detailed work. It’s very rare that an author could reach the reality of his/her subject. More than that, most of the books are mere copies of research by others, where the author looses command over adverting his own ideas. Unlike Adam Smith who has wisdom and command over his subject. There’s a peculiar reason why I not only identified but immediately felt an affinity for Adam Smith when I found a fact about him. A fact that surprised me. A fact that has proved something which I read in the year 2002, almost 21 years ago. Both Adam Smith and I were born posthumous. He was born two months after the demise of his father and I was born three months after the demise of my father. But not this similarity but the psychology book that I read 21 years ago, now surprises me. A psychologist writes in that book that the children born posthumous don’t get a father figure to model themselves. And such a child searches for a father figure, which eventually leads him to learn more about the world. Perhaps, a father is the guide for a parson. To myself, I have found the similar tendencies. A search for the knowledge or in psychoanalysis, a search for the father. In Adam Smith I could immediately see myself. His vast wisdom and quest for the knowledge. The psychological theory that I read 21 years ago has been proved to me with discovering another person like me. Adam Smith will be my new discovery. A new voyage perhaps. Reading this book has taken back all my notions for intellectuals of today. This book is the first to begin for any person, of any profession, all that I could say. – Nikhil Sablania. (Author, Filmmaker, Politician, Activist)

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