T&C Policy

Nspmart stads for Nikhil Sablania Publications Mart. It is a newly formed webstore in the year 2018. It is owned by Mr. Nikhil Sablania. He is selling books for the past eight years. He sells through online mediums and delivers books by post. Customers may collect directly from the office.

Nspmart focuses of books of social relevancy. The major sales includes books on history, politics and religion. Mr. Nikhil Sablania has delivered books to almost all parts of India. In the years 2017 he started his publication house under the name Nikhil Sablania Publications. The first two books published are on the life and views of Dr. Ambedkar and on Buddhism. Every year we endeavors to bring more new titles.

We pledge that thought is prior to life. A thoughtless life is no life. And our effort is to create and thoughtful person, society, country and the world. Our books reflect our ideology that we want to transmit a thoughtful mind of a writer to the readers.